Designed to bring out the best in you, my coaching programme is categorised as follows:-

Conscious Men

In these changing times, it is often not easy being a man. Old role models of our fathers and father’s fathers do not work anymore. The new has yet to be found. But luckily there were already men before us, who found a lot about masculinity and male psychology, that can help you.

Sometimes there are parts in our subconsciousness, who contradict each other and then we do not have a clear vision of ourselves and our potential.

I can help you

– becoming your own best friend
– finding out who you really are
– discovering your strengths
– forgiving yourself and/or men who hurt you
– becoming more conscious about your male psyche


I am happy to help you get clear about what you want to create and assist you in a step by step process in manifesting it. I have much experience in coordinating and participating in different projects and am happy to share my knowledge and general patterns which are important.

I can assist you

– getting an overview about what it is you want to create
– making a plan about the individual steps
– helping you to unite your inner forces, so that you work efficiently
– sharing potential traps, so you can avoid them
– celebrating small successes, which makes you ready for the big ones

Life Coaching

Life is a school, but we are here to enjoy the process as well! Often, we are feeling trapped in our problems and challenges, and it helps a lot to get an outer view to address them. I have many tools to help you getting in touch with your inner voice and assist you in finding you own guidance.

I can facilitate you

– increasing your self-esteem
– growing your trust in yourself and the universe
– finding the guidance you need
– getting the answers out of your subconsciousness and making them conscious
– living a fulfilled life


Becoming an entrepreneur is a challenging thing. Often, we question ourselves and our abilities and this may bring up some insecurities. We have to address our relationship to money, abundance, and business in general. We have to make peace with our career choices so far, that we are ready to proceed on the road of success. Sometimes we need to get more organised and plan more ahead, so our tree bears many fruits and is strong and prosperous.

I can support you

– clearing your blocks to money and success
– finding out, what success means to you
– making sure, you have a good work-life balance in place
– transforming any subconscious fears or contradictions
– making you ready for a successful and prosperous business


Through our thoughts and feelings, we are creating our reality. Therefore, it is of utmost importance, that we like ourselves, even better love ourselves, so we take excellent care of ourselves. If we give yourselves the impression of being worthy – through thoughts, feelings and actions – we will have a whole different self-esteem, self-image and radiance, which then in turn will change, how people perceive and treat us.

I can help you

– healing the relationship with yourself
– becoming you own best friend
– clearing any obstacles in the relationship to your body
– finding a better sense of grounding and enjoying being in the body
– deepening your sense of belonging and thriving