Obstacles & Challenges

From our inner world we are creating the outer. Therefore, it is of major importance, that we clear and heal as much as possible inside, so the outer world is unfolding to our highest good.

No matter what the obstacle or the challenge is, there is always something we need to learn or change about us, so the outer world can change.

For example: a money problem might be the outer expression of a lack of self-esteem and/or lack of grounding and being involved in the physical realm. As long as these levels are not addressed, it is much harder to change the outer expression.

I can assist you

– finding the root cause of your challenge
– clearing and bringing your inner world into balance, so the outer challenge gets obsolete
– transforming any patterns inside you, that life needs to be hard, so you are open to life in ease and flow
– forgiving yourself and others, if needed
– raising the level of your consciousness, so you are more empowered


When relationships get challenging, they want to teach us something. The skill is to realise what needs to be learned and to be willing to change.

We are the only person we have influence over. So as much as we sometimes like “the other” to change, at the end it is us, who has to take responsibility over our lives and our relationships and make the first move. No matter, which kind of relationship is bothering you,

I can support you in

– deciphering, what the challenge is wanting to tell you
– discovering the root cause of the problem
– clearing what needs to be cleared
– finding peace within yourself and with the other
– proceeding in the best possible way